Where to buy Corporate Wine Gifts in Hampshire

Fareham Wine Cellar Can Supply A Wide Range of Corporate Wine Gifts

If your company wishes to purchase corporate wine gifts wine for events such as product launches, exhibitions or customer meetings, Fareham Wine Cellar can provide the solution to all your corporate wine needs. Corporate wine gifts are great way to thank customers and employees for loyalty, hard work and meeting targets. This brief article will give you some ideas and advice on buying wine gifts and gift ideas for all corporate occasions.

Fareham Wine Cellar

For more information please visit the Fareham Wine Cellar website or email info@farehamwinecellar.co.uk for more information or to discuss further requirements.

When to use corporate wine gifts?

Staff Gifts – have your staff hit sales or growth targets? Wine, or spirits, can be used to reward staff who hit targets and creating a little bit of competition is always beneficial. We can help you choose wine and you can have happier staff!

Sales Targets
Christmas and Birthday Presents
Loyalty Awards

Customer Giftscorporate wine gifts can be used in many situations. We have supplied wine for all sorts of corporate occasions including,

Product Launches – clients often provide a glass of sparkling wine at product launches or exhibitions where it can help keep people at your exhibition stand longer!
Gallery Openings
Open Days
Christmas and Birthday Gifts
Leaving and Retirement Presents
Anniversary presents – perhaps something from the same vintage as the founding of a company or other significant company event

We can provide many different types of gift packaging from plain bottle and gift bags up to wooden wine boxes and hamper style baskets. Please have a look here for an idea of some of the packaging available. There are many other alternatives for wine gift packaging.

We also prepare mixed cases of wines to order. Please follow this link for an idea of some of our ready made mixed cases. These can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Serving Wine at Corporate Events

When your company next has a corporate event, why not buy some wine? Maybe there is an upcoming product launch or exhibition where it might be appropriate to serve wine – serving a glass of wine at such corporate events can help customers relax and puts them at ease producing an atmosphere more conducive to doing business.

Please remember though, for your next corporate event, don’t make the mistake of buying the cheapest wine available, spend a little bit more on the wine for a product launch, thank you gifts or corporate Christmas gifts and you’ll find happy and impressed customers are more likely to place orders with your business.

Why choose Fareham Wine Cellar?

As an independent wine merchant we can provide a service that is unmatched by supermarkets, cash and carries and other wine merchants. Fareham Wine Cellar sells carefully sourced, individual wines offering excellent quality and value for money. We offer free advice on wine purchases, wine gift packaging and even food / wine matching.