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Argentinian “Amarone” Packaging Gets an Overhaul

Masi Corbec is an Argentinian wine made in the Tupungato region. Most people will know of Masi Wines from their superb Italian wines from the Veneto region but they also have interests in Argentina where they make great Argentinian wines fused with Italian know-how and techniques, or as the tag reads “Argentinian soul, Venetian style.”

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Masi’s top Argentinian wine is Masi Corbec – a wine which derives it name from the fact that is it a blend of Corvina, one of the most famous grapes of Veneto and used in Valpolicella and Amarone, and Malbec, originally from Bordeaux and Cahors but now much more famous as “the” red grape from Argentina.

From the 2009 vintage the Masi Corbec has some fancy new packaging – although I am yet to make my mind up as to whether I prefer it to the old one or not. I rather liked the handwritten-style of the old one that was similar to the Masi single vineyard Amarone labels.

Masi Corbec – the new presentation

Masi Corbec

Masi Corbec Old Packaging

Masi Tupungato Corbec Corvina / Malbec Appassimento, Tupungato

Masi Corbec is made using the specialist appassimento method – the method used to produce Amarone. The Corvina and Malbec were harvested and vinified separately then selected bunches were laid on specially constructed wooden trays for twenty-two days. The grapes lose about 20% of their weight, but gain in concentration of sugars and aromas. Soft pressing and destemming follows, then the grapes are fermented for twenty days in stainless steel tanks at 20-24ºC. After racking, the wine completes its fermentation at 20ºC for twenty-five days with the help of selected yeasts. It is then aged for eighteen months in medium-toasted French oak barriques prior to the final assemblage.

Tasting Notes – Opaque red colour in with youthful violet edges. The nose has intense aromas of fruits of the forest and fruit conserve with hints of mint and cinnamon. Firm but melting on the palate with soft, ripe fruit flavours that have the appearance of sweetness. Plums and cooked cherries with attractive vanilla hints, leading to a long bitter chocolate finish.

Food & Wine match: As with Amarone, this wine accompanies strong-tasting foods (grilled red meat, roast meat, or game) and mature cheeses.

Whatever the packaging Corbec is still a great wine and I always enjoy it when I try it. It is also worth tracking down it’s little brother, the Masi Passo Doble.