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Please feel free to look around it and even buy something if you wish!!

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Sherry in The News

Sherry, a vastly underated drink

Fame at last. If you ever wondered what I looked like, here you go! A good plug for Fareham Wine Cellar and Sherry.

An article which appeared in The News (Portsmouth) on Tuesday 13th November 2011.

Fareham Wine Cellar Sherry Article

Fareham Wine Cellar and Sherry in The News

Just a little bit of information about Sherry, try condensing that subject into 300 words, here is my original article too!!

Sherry, Not Just For Christmas

It’s getting close to Christmas and that time of year when people start to think about dusting off their bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream which they bought for Granny last year and has been lurking in the back of the cupboard ever since. However, contrary to popular belief, Sherry, once opened does not keep forever. A sweet, Cream Sherry might be alright to drink after a few months in a cupboard but something like a light, floral and dry Fino Sherry oxidises quickly and can be passed its best in a matter of a week or so. So it’s time to treat oneself to a fresh bottle or two.

Types of Sherry

So which Sherry to drink? If you like a drier, light style try a Fino Sherry like Tio Pepe or perhaps Gutierrez Colosia. There is also Manzanilla which is essentially a Fino Sherry aged at the seaside town of Sanlucar de Barrameda (not far from Jerez where all other Sherry is made). Manzanilla therefore develops a slightly salty, tang along with the usual Fino Sherry notes – this makes it a great aperitif, try it with salted almonds, olives and Manchego cheese or, in fact, any sort of Tapas. Look for Bodegas Argueso Las Medallas or La Gitana.

If you like a sweeter wine, try a Cream (sweet) or Amontillado Sherry (normally medium dry). One of my favourite styles is an Oloroso. Oloroso is a much more aromatic style of Sherry and has characteristics of oak, walnuts and dried fruits on the palate. It can be medium dry or dry in style. I prefer a drier one and it goes really well with nuts, particularly walnuts, Iberian ham or Chorizo. Look out for Sanchez Romate Don José Oloroso.

Dessert Sherry

One of the lesser known Sherries is Pedro Ximenez (PX). Pedro Ximenez is a particular grape variety that is used to make very sweet Sherry. It is also used to sweeten Cream sherry. The best PX Sherries are a bit like liquid raisins and make great dessert wines.  The Sanchez Romate Cardenal Cisneros PX is very sweet and unctuous but with balancing acidity, creamy raisins, espresso coffee and a touch of dark chocolate on the palate. PX is great with blue cheese, pastries and, dare I say it, Christmas Pudding.  If you are feeling a little bit lazy just pour some over some vanilla ice cream!

See all Fareham Wine Cellar’s Sherries here.

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Peller Estate

Peller Estate Canadian Sparkling and Icewine Tasting

with Peter Ayling @ Fareham Wine Cellar

Please find details below of our next wine tasting at Fareham Wine Cellar and some diary dates for our December Christmas wine tastings.
The European Agent for Peller Estate, Peter Ayling, will be hosting a tasting of Canadian sparkling and dessert wines at Fareham Wine Cellar on Saturday 24th November. The idea of the tasting is to explore food / wine pairing with some smoked salmon, blue cheese, dark chocolate and white chocolate and 5 different wines from Peller Estate – 2 different sparkling wines and three different Icewines.

For this reason we are going to try something a little different to make the wine tasting a little easier to run – there will be half an hour time slots for groups of up to 6 people. More information, dates, times etc. below.

So if you have never tried Canadian wine this would be a great opportunity to get a primer on Canadian sparkling and Icewines, including a very unusual red Icewine made from Cabernet Franc as well as a Riesling and a Vidal. Ideal wine for the Christmas festivities!

Peller Estate Wine Tasting with Peter Ayling

Saturday 24th November 2012
@ Fareham Wine Cellar

11am until 3.30pm

This is an informal wine tasting at our shop.
The following half an hour time slots will be available, and we can take a maximum of 6 people per time slot.
11.00am until 11.30am
11.30am until 12.00pm
12.00pm until 12.30pm
12.30pm until 1.00pm
1.30pm until 2.00pm
2.00pm until 2.30pm
2.30pm until 3.00pm
3.00pm until 3.30pm
If you wish to attend please contact me by telephone, on 01329 822733, or email to book a time slot.The idea is to turn up at the beginning of the appointed time slot so we can give everyone the full half an hour. Please bear in mind that we need to know the numbers in advance to arrange the quantities of food so you must book in advance. I hope this all makes sense. As always, please telephone 01329 822733 if you have any questions.
Here is some information on the wines we will be tasting,

The Peller family have been making wine in Niagara for three generations. At 43º latitude, the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, home to Peller Estate, is within the same latitudinal range as Southern France, Rioja in Spain, Chianti Classico in Italy and Oregon in the USA. The Niagara Peninsula is the only place in the world where every single year the summers are so warm red wine grapes can be ripened, but the winters are cold enough to make Icewine (but never so cold that the vines do not survive).

Grapes for Peller Estate Icewines are always picked at temperatures of at least -10ºC, with the grapes frozen on the vine and hand-picked in the middle of the cold Canadian night. Once picked, the grapes are pressed immediately while still frozen. Authentic Icewine is very different from other dessert wines; prior to being picked in late December, the grapes freeze and then thaw 8 to 10 times. Each time they freeze, new and more complex flavours are released into the juice from the grape. The signature of great Icewine is the balancing tension between sweetness and acidity. These sublime wines are guaranteed to make an indelible impression on you – once tasted, never forgotten!

The sparkling wines are made using the traditional ‘méthode’. The Peller Estate Ice Cuvée sparkling is made from hand-picked Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. When the lees are disgorged, a ‘dosage’ of Vidal Icewine is added (110ml). Enhanced by the burst of flavour from Vidal Icewine, a sparkling wine of unique style and finesse is created. The Ice Cuvée Rosé is made in a similar way except, as well as the white Vidal Icewine used as dosage, some of Peller’s red Icewine, made from Cabernet Franc, is added too.

See all our Canadian Wines, including Icewine and Sparkling wine, here.

Sparkling Wines

NV Ice Cuvée Sparkling, Peller Estate  Very fine bubbles spiral upwards, through this brilliant yellow straw coloured wine. The bouquet of apricot, yeast and ripe apple, with hints of honey, are followed by tropical fruits on the palate and a refreshing sweet grapefruit finish.

NV Ice Cuvee Rosé, Peller Estate
A medium-bodied, refreshing sparkler that is slightly off-dry, yet finishes dry as a result of the delicate tannins from the Cabernet Franc. On the nose there are wonderful aromas of strawberry, peach juice, watermelon and currant. On the palate this wine is bursting with red berries and currants which linger through on the finish with an added note of spice.

Dessert Wines

2010 Vidal Icewine, Peller EstatePeller Estate Vidal Icewine

A gold yellow colour with an aromatic bouquet of lemon marmalade, carmelized oranges, golden pineapple and a touch of honey. A rich, medium to full-bodied wine with explosive flavours of honey, golden pineapple, star anise and brown sugar. Sweet citrus and star fruit linger on the finish.



2007 Riesling Icewine, Peller Estate

Peller Riesling has a delicate straw yellow colour with an intriguing aroma of lemon drops, quince, Bartlett pear and golden raspberries, with a touch of floral honey. On the palate this Icewine displays a luscious yet elegant mouth-feel with fruit flavours of lemon, melon, papaya, mango and orange. It has a refreshing acidity and a long length.

2010 Cabernet Franc Icewine, Peller EstatePeller Estate Cabernet Franc Icewine

Deep salmon pink colour with an aromatic bouquet of rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry a touch of spice and herbal notes. A rich mouth-feel with wonderful fruit flavours of red berries and rhubarb. Red currants, spice and pomegranate on a long lingering finish. Soft delicate tannins and the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity provide great mouth-feel.

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Motorhead Shiraz shifts 300,000 bottles in Sweden!

News arrives that Motorhead have shifted over 300,000 bottles of their Motorhead Shiraz in Sweden since it debuted in 2010. Okay, not really mega-interesting but I really wanted to pass on this cool photo of Lemmy with a bottle of Motorhead Shiraz.

Lemmy Kilmister, lead singer, bass player and founder of the band, puts it: “My advice is — approach it with caution. I mean, wine is deceptive, anything can happen.”

Sadly, for Motorhead fans in the UK, this wine seems to be only available in Sweden from the Systembolaget

Motorhead Shiraz, produced in Southeast Australia by Broken Back Winery, is described as having “a very fruity aroma with flavours of vanilla, blackberries, plums, eucalyptus and liquorice. It is full-bodied with soft rounded tannins and packs a real punch.”

Read more via BLABBERMOUTH.NET – MOTÖRHEAD’s Signature Wine Sells More Than 300,000 Bottles.

This follows on from the successful launch of Motorhead Bastards Lager. Other metal bands with wine labels include Slayer, Kiss, Whitesnake and Sammy Hagar (Van Halen) launched Cabo Wabo Tequila. Take a look at more complete of celebrity wine projects.

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Portfolio Wine Tasting

Fareham Wine Cellar 2012 Portfolio Wine Tasting

For all of those coming to the Fareham Wine Cellar 2012 Portfolio Wine Tasting on Wednesday 24th October you can now download the full PDF tasting booklet from the link below,

Fareham Wine Cellar Portfolio 2012 Booklet

So now you can browse the booklet in advance and plan you method of attack, print the booklet out and bring it along with you or go hi-tech and download it to your phone or tablet!!

There are a few changes in the exhibitor line-up, which you can see below, that are mainly additions. We are lucky enough to have Katie Jones, owner and wine-maker at Domaine Jones, attending as well as winemaker Pedro Urbina of Bodegas Benito Urbina Rioja. We also have the new winemaker from Champagne Forget Brimont and Francesca Giammona from Cantine Lunae Bosoni, Liguria.

We will provide order / contact forms on the evening and this year orders of 12 bottles or more placed on the night will be refunded the ticket price of £12.00.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Addition 30/10/12

Here are some photos from the evening,

More photos in a slideshow from Pedro Benito of Urbina Rioja,

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Luis Pato Rebel

Luis Pato, the Rebel Winemaker

Pato Rebel is made by Luis Pato at Quinta do Ribeirinho, in Bairrada, where the Pato family have been making wine since the 18th Century. Luis Pato is a maverick, ground breaking and imaginative wine-maker who took over from his father Joao Pato and made his first wine, a pure Baga, in 1980. In 1985 Pato introduced started to introduce new ideas to Bairrada such as de-stemming of Baga grapes and the maturation of wine in new French casks. Luis Pato is continually looking forward, he is a genuine rebel, who, with a mix of science and revolution has introduced many innovations including rotary fermenters. This, amongst other things, has led to him being ostracised by the Bairraida DO (he left the DO in 1999). His wines are now labelled as Beiras DO, a Vinho Regional DO that covers both Bairrada and Dao. Ironically, he is now probably the best-known wine-producer in the area. He has now been joined by his daughter Filipa who has her own label Filipa Pato Wines.

Luis Pato has 60 hectares of vineyards which are planted with the red grape varieties Baga, Touriga Nacional and Tinto Cao. The white grape varieties planted are Maria Gomes, Bical, Cercial da Bairrada and Sercialinho (relatives of the Sercial of Madeira).

Baga is the traditional red grape of the Bairrada region but recent law changes have meant that more producers are using alternative grapes. According to Filipa Pato, Luis Pato’s daughter, “unfortunately this grape is being abandoned in the region in a dramatic fast way.  Part of the heritage of old well located Baga vineyards was lost in the last decade.”

Luis Pato Rebel is no longer available, please check here to see our other Portuguese wines.

Luis Pato RebelLuis Pato Rebel

Pato Rebel is designed to be a wine that shows that Baga can be aromatic with soft tannins. It is a blend comprised of 90% Baga, 9% Touriga Nacional and 1% of the local white grape variety Bical. It is made with a shorter maceration period than some of his other wines with strict control of fermentation temperature in order to produce a wine that is good for drinking early, from a year after harvest.

Luis Pato says that Baga can resemble both Nebbiolo from Barolo and Pinot Noir from Burgundy but describes the Rebel as being closer in profile to the aromatic delicacy and strength of the latter.

Luis Pato Rebel Tasting Notes

Pato Rebel has aromas of blackberry, dark chocolate, spices and slight resinous notes. The palate is full, but has an elegance typical only of Baga, and shows bright red fruits, juicy black fruit (blackberry and blackcurrant) and fine, earthy tannins. Try with red meat dishes, grilled or baked fish or barbeques.

Pato Rebel Press Review

“One of the finest Portuguese winemakers, Luis Pato also likes to portray himself as a rebel against the wine establishment. This wine revels in its pure Baga character, packed with earthy tannins yet also rich in its black currant fruit.”  89 Points, Wine Enthusiast

Luis Pato is also a member of Baga Friends, a group of like-minded Baga producers who have got together to educate the consumer about the Baga grape variety.

The Baga Friends are,

António Rocha (Buçaco Wines)Baga Friends
Dirk Niepoort (Niepoort)
Filipa Pato (Filipa Pato Wines)
François Chasans (Quinta da Vacariça)
João Póvoa (Kompassus Wines)
Luis Pato (Luis Pato Wines)
Mário Sérgio Nuno (Quinta das Bágeiras)
Paulo Sousa (Sidónio de Sousa Wines)

Visit Luis Pato’s website here.

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Fareham Wine Cellar’s Herb Toilet

We happened to have a spare toilet hanging around and some spare herbs. So, naturally we came up with the concept of the Herb Toilet. Looking left to right we have thyme, sage (at the back), rosemary and, bringing up the rear, as it were, some chives. Unfortunately we lost the cistern over the winter when it got full of water which froze thereby cracking the cistern, otherwise that would have made a great two tier planter. But, it is no good blaming the cistern.


Make your own Herb Toilet!

If you want to make a Herb Toilet, all you really need to do is block the toilet off somehow, we used an old sieve, fill it full of compost, plant your herbs, water and you’re away. So now we have fresh herbs any time we want, very useful on the odd Saturday when it is sunny enough to have a barbeque in our back yard.

Any other Herb Toilets our there?

If there are please let me know, or even send me a photograph!


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Quinta de Macedos

A Small Douro Wine Estate in the Rio Torte Valley

See Quinta de Macedos and our other Portuguese wines at Fareham Wine Cellar.

Quinta de Macedos is a Douro Wine Estate located in the heart of the Rio Torto Valley (a tributary of the Douro).  Owner Paul Reynolds bought this 7 hectare vineyard in 1998 and built a new main House, Winery and Wine Lodge which was completed in 2002. Prior to 2000 the grapes from this estate were sold to the large Port Wine Houses but , since 2000, Paul has been making Quinta do Macedos wines at the new winery using only grapes sourced from the estate.

The oldest parts of the vineyard were planted between 1920 and 1945 and the old, low-yielding vines are maintained organically without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers. Very steep terraces mean that horse and plough are used to till organic material back into the schistous soil every fourth year. Grape pomace is also returned to the vineyards. The natural wild flowers that cover the terraces are controlled through repeated trimming.

The vineyards are located at between 100m and 200m above sea level and have a variety of aspects facing north, west and east thus giving a broad, complex maturation profile. This varied aspect allows different parcels to be separated and harvested and vinified in small batches when they are deemed ready. This in turn allows Macedos more control of the fermentation process and more control of the final blends.

Quinta de Macedos is undergoing a renewal process which started almost as soon as the new winery was finished and various sections of vineyard have been replanted where vines have died or stopped producing fruit. In keeping with the sustainable and natural approach at Quinta de Macedos, only naturally occurring indigenous yeasts are used. Low levels of sulphur are maintained and the wines are bottled unfiltered.

There are three wines made at Quinta de Macedos, Quinta de Macedos itself, made from the oldest vines (1926),  Lagar de Macedos from the younger vines (1946 plantings) and Pinga which is a blend from all the vineyards plus some grapes from neighbouring vineyards.

The total vineyard area is now 10 hectares (2 hectares were planted with traditional Douro grapes in 2000) and there are 16 grape varieties, some 45000 vines, planted on dry stone terraces.

Quinta de Macedos 2005

2005 was another dry vintage at Quinta de Macedos and saw the early maturation of grapes with the berries showing wonderful concentration of flavour and ripeness. The grapes were initially roller crushed and then foot trodden for a total of 20 man hours in granite lagares. The wine is run off, pressed and blended in steel vats for prolonged residual fermentation and malolactic. The wine was then racked into new Allier oak barriques in February 2006 for 22 months.  Bottled unfiltered in April 2008 and release to market 10 months later. Production is only 2300 bottles.

Quinta de Macedos wines

Tasting Notes

Quinta de Macedos shows great balance and freshness with aromas of dark, black fruits (blackcurrant), cedar-y, spicy, dried fruits, prune and garrigue. The palate is bold, well-structured and very complex with more black fruit and spice (pepper) and a good, long finish.

Press Review

“An intense, very port-like dark, schist-dusted nose heralds a heavyweight wine with a heft of fruit and tannins, velcro tannins at that.  While Pinga, the junior wine, is just starting to open up, this remains firmly off limits at the moment.  But there’s a magnificence to its uncompromising form and a lively pulse of red and black fruits to come back to once the tannins recede.” Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective

Lagar de Macedos 2003

A very hot August 2003 saw the vines shut down until the last week when the weather cooled and the vines came out of dormancy, this meant a relatively late harvest (September 18th) was required to attain good phenolic maturity. The grapes were picked in the cool early morning, into ventilated boxes with a rigorous triage. The grapes were crushed and trodden over 9 days in lagares. Fermentation and malolactic occurs in stainless steel vats over 40 days. The wine is racked into new Allier oak barrels in January 2004 and aged for 15 months. Bottled unfiltered in 2006 with a limited production of just 2000 bottles.

Quinta de Macedos wines

Tasting Notes

Lagar de Macedos is a full and rich wine.  The wine is packed full of ripe black fruits, dried fruit, cedar-y pencil box and balsamic notes. The palate is big and rich but not over-ripe with a good degree of freshness for such a hot year and full tannins, with firm structure and good length. Drink 10 – 15 years from vintage.



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1962 Vintage Armagnac

1962 Armagnac – An Ideal 50th Birthday or 50th Anniversary Present

Why not check out list of Vintage Armagnac to see if we have one from your birth year or significant anniversary.

Vintage Armagnac makes an ideal birthday present or anniversary gift. Unlike wine, or port, good vintage Armagnac can be made in almost every vintage. Armagnac makes an ideal vintage birthday gift and one can find an Armagnac from almost every vintage going back to the early 19th Century.

If you are looking for a 50th Birthday Present or a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift (Ruby Wedding Anniversary) 1962 Armagnac is a great gift.

Fareham Wine Cellar supplies a full range of vintage Armagnacs from Baron de Lustrac and Baron de Sigognac as well as others from Janneau, Clos Martin and Domaine Boingneres. Vintage Armagnac makes a great 30th, 40th or 50th birthday present or anniversary gift.

Baron de Sigognac 1962 Armagnac

Baron de Sigognac is a small, specialist producer of Armagnac in the Bas Armagnac region of Gascony, France. The Owners of Baron de Sigognac, The Guasch family, have been in Gascony since the 12th century. They have owned the château at Bordeneuve since 1974 and are one of the region’s largest courtier and negociant operations.

Baron de Sigognac

Baron de Sigognac 1962 Armagnac has a beautiful amber colour with mahogany highlights. Very fine and elegant nose with notes of rancio and raisins. Very pleasant. Good and full structure in the mouth that is well balanced. Rich woody finish with hints of prunes.

See Baron de Sigognac 1962 Armagnac at the Fareham Wine Cellar Website.

An ideal Ruby Wedding Anniversary or 50th Birthday present in 2012!

More information at the Baron de Sigognac Website

Baron de Lustrac 1962 Armagnac

Baron de Lustrac is a small, boutique Armagnac company who sources old, vintage Armagnacs from a handful of Armagnac producers, many of whom they have a relationship going back decades.



Baron de Lustrac Armagnacs are presented in an old-fashioned Armagnac bottle and wooden box, these rare vintage Armagnacs are available in strictly limited quantities. Each label is inscribed with the year of distillation, the name of the Domain of production, the bottle number and, where relevant, the grape variety.

Find out more at the Baron de Lustrac Website.

Baron de Sigognac 50 Year Armagnac in Decanter

Baron de Sigognac 50 Year Armagnac in Decanter in Wooden Case

Baron de Sigognac also produce a 50 Year Old Armagnac, presented in a rather smart Decanter in a Wooden Case. Unlike the two 1962 Armagnacs mentioned above, the Baron de Sigognac 50 Year Old is a blend of Vintage Armagnac from different vintages with an average age of 50 years, some of the brandy in the blend will be much older.


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Les Vignerons Tautavel Vinegrau

New wines from Southern France

see our current selection of Southern French Wines here.

Les Vignerons Tautavel Vinegrau is a small wine cooperative in the Cotes du Roussillon producing quality wines from the villages of Tautavel and Vingrau.

The wines from this area are considered to be some of the best in the area and, in 1996, were recognised with the creation of a new sub appellation – Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel.  Only vineyards in these two villages are allowed in the appellation and must be planted on slopes of red chalky clay soils with yields not exceeding 45 hl/ha. The wine must be produced from at least two of the following grape varieties – Grenache Noir, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan Noir and Lladoner Pelut (“hairy” Grenache).

The vineyards of Tautavel and Vingrau comprise some 980 hectares divided amongst many small growers. The Tautavel vineyards are concentrated mainly in the Tautavel Valley which is bordered on each side by grey cliffs.  Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel is produced from vineyards on the higher slopes of the valley on limestone soils. The Village of Vingrau (Latin: Vin Grau – 20 steps) is also part of the appellation and the vineyards here are characterised by chalky clay soils and its own specific microclimate.

Not all of their wines are from this appellation, the cooperative also makes wines from the Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes and Cotes du Roussillon Villages.

The wines of Vignerons Tautavel Vinegrau available from Fareham Wine Cellar

Le Cirque White, Grenache Gris 2011, Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes

Le Cirque Blanc Grenache Gris 2011, Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes, Les Vignerons de Tautavel Vingrau, roussillon, languedoc roussillon, cote catalanes

Tasting Notes: Le Cirque Grenache Gris is a delightful golden, pale green colour with a delicate nose of flower blossom. It is fresh and sophisticated floral aromas on the palate with a long, perfumed finish.

Food & Wine match: Le Cirque Blanc is delicious with seafood and shellfish or with chicken dishes such as coq au vin, grilled white fish and char grilled scallops.


Le Cirque Red, Carignan / Mourvedre / Syrah 2010, Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes

Tasting Notes: Le Cirque Rouge has a lovely dark purple colour and an expressive nose of jammy dark berry fruits such as blackberry with hints of licorice. Full bodied with soft tanins and a spicy finish.

Food & Wine match: Perfect with a big succulent juicy steak off the barbecue, pate on toast or sausages.

Roc Gris 2010, Cotes du Roussillon Villages, Les Vignerons de Tautavel Vingrau

Grapes for the Roc Gris are sourced from vineyards composed of limestone clay and schiste soils. After harvesting the grapes are destemmed and then undergo a long maceration and temperature controlled fermentation.

Tasting Notes: Tautavel Vingrau Roc Gris is an elegant wine with aromas of plums, spices and herby, garrigue.

Food & Wine match: Try with cold meats, grilled meats and cheese

Fareham Wine Cellar Tasting Note: Sweet raspberry nose, white pepper and warm, spicy red fruits. Rich palate, more spice. Good tannins, drying finish, think plums with Christmas spices.

Tautavel Reserve Vieilles Vignes 2009, Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel

Roc Gris, AOP Cotes Du Roussillon Villages, Les Vignerons de Tautavel Vingrau


Tasting Notes: The Tautavel Réserve is a big, superb wine with great minerality. It is dominated by blackcurrant, liquorice and vanilla aromas and flavours and has good, firm tannins.

Food & Wine match: Try with BBQs, beef stews or coq au vin.



Visit Les Vignerons Tautavel Vingrau Website for more information


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